I’m a regulatory/transactional attorney that is interested in helping clients better understand the rules of the world in which they’re working.  Sometimes that leads to restructuring the business to better abide by those rules, and sometimes it results in changing the rules to better abide by the business.

My practice encompasses a broad array of clients and their related business transactions, intellectual property, and regulatory matters. Representing businesses before the FCC and other Federal agencies, I advise my clients on Federal and state laws and regulations governing programming, advertising, and other operational issues. I also have experience guiding clients through acquisitions and divestitures of properties in European and Latin American countries.

I can be reached at via email or on Skype at Blacknell.
PGP Fingerprint: 1A6E 0811 5401 5D5F 7EA1  2F16 6AC9 703E AA6F 712C